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Chronic, Unresponsive Condition

For patients with difficult and chronic conditions that have not responded to previous treatments with chiropractors, physical therapists, medical physicians, and other approaches, we offer very effective treatment options to help correct the underlying cause of the conditions. Very often, treatment approaches for this patient group available elsewhere are limited to pain relief approaches only (e.g. pain medications, ablation [nerve destruction] procedures, etc.), while our programs are designed to correct the underlying cause of many chronic, difficult, and unresponsive conditions. This can then allow your body to heal on its own.

The following two options are available for you if you meet particular criteria that make you a good candidate for one of these procedures. This would be determined after we take your history, review any relevant records and test results, provide an examination, and take any necessary x-rays or order/review results of any other necessary tests.

1. ACCOUSTIC COMPRESSION – Series of 7 in-office procedures

This sound wave treatment approach is commonly referred to as "shockwave therapy" or "Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy". We have been providing acoustic compression therapy for over 10 years and have one of the few clinics in the Bay Area with this sound wave technology available in-office. This is a very effective and very powerful technology that can provide energies of 1000 times that available from the more common and typically available ultrasound machines.

Higher energy options are also available if the more conservative and less expensive options do not provide sufficient relief. These high energy options require only 1-2 visits and are done in collaboration with a medical provider (anesthesiologist) while you are under sedation. When this more aggressive technology is necessary, a different sound wave instrument that can provide 10 times the amount of energy of the in-office acoustic compression instruments is used.

Common conditions treated with this sound wave technology include plantar fasciitis (heel pain), lateral epicondylitis (elbow pain), shoulder tendinopathies (shoulder tendon pain), and most other tendon insertions at the knee, heel, etc.

The lower energy, in-office sound wave therapy is also used for spinal myofascial pain syndromes, commonly referred to as trigger points, hardened muscle bundles, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascitis, etc. Most people that have these conditions experience chronic spinal pain that is only temporarily relieved by massage techniques, ice packs, and other palliative options. Acoustic compression addressed the cause of the problem to reduce scarring and adhesion formation, encourage increased blood supply to the area, and causing other biochemical changes that facilitate healing.

To learn more about Acoustic Compression sound wave procedures, click here.


These procedures are commonly provided for conditions such as adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder (frozen shoulder syndrome), knee fibrosis causing range of motion loss after surgery or infection, and for other selected joints with loss of motion due to scar tissue formation. These shoulder and knee procedures are commonly provided by orthopedic surgeons, pain management physicians, and chiropractors.

These procedures are highly effective for some chronic and difficult spinal conditions as well. They are provided by spinal MUA specialists, including Edward Cremata, DC, for chronic spinal conditions such as neck and back pain that has not responded to conservative in office procedures. FRP-MUA approaches are multidisciplinary procedures provider with a medical provider (anesthesiologist), that provides the necessary medical co-management, and primarily for the necessary sedation to allow the procedure to be provided safely and effectively and without any pain.

It is wise to consider the more conservative and cure-oriented FRP-MUA procedures prior to undergoing spinal surgery, injections, or resort to taking daily pain medications. Many patients with surgical recommendations have been able to avoid surgery for disc related and other problems because of the improvement that they obtained from FRP-MUA spinal procedures.

Edward Cremata, DC is considered one of the world's experts on Fibrosis Release Procedures, Including Manipulation Under Anesthesia (FRP-MUA) for the spine, and has safely participated in over 1000 procedures over a 12 year period. He was the lead author of a scientific paper on this procedure in a 2005, published in the well-regarded Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, and a publication in a legal bulletin published by Lexis/Nexis. He has coauthored guidelines for FRP-MUA appropriate application for the American Association of Manipulation Under Anesthesia providers, for which he serves as the co-chairman. To view the guidelines, click here.

To learn more about FRP-MUA procedures, click here.

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