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Spinal Corrective Care For Improved Health Status

Our most effective and most recommended program is the Spinal Correction program. The goal of this program is to correct areas of mechanical dysfunctions in the spine that cause pain, increased risk for accelerated degenerative joint disease (arthritis), and may cause nerve disturbances that can cause leg and arm pain, as well as contribute to other health problems by interfering with the nerves that control body functions. This program includes:

  1. History, examination, and x-rays if necessary. Repeat examinations as required by your condition.
  2. Four months of chiropractic management, focusing on specific spinal adjustments, to correct or reduce neuromechanical dysfunctions (vertebral subluxations) that can cause pain and interfere with other body functions. The number of visits may vary depending on a patient's specific needs as determined by the history and examination findings. Four months of treatment is chosen for most patients, in consideration of ligament healing times and early phases of related stability from the healing.
  3. Adjunctive procedures and modalities that may include soft tissue therapies, such as massage and myofascial release, and any necessary modalities including microcurrent stimulation and ice packs.
  4. A home exercise program, with progressive intensity instruction as you improve, that addresses flexibility, strength, proprioceptive (balance and coordination), and aerobic capacities.
  5. A comprehensive nutritional supplement that helps reduce inflammation and supports healing and overall health functions. This supplement included Omega 3s (fish oil), Coenzyme Q 10 (for muscular support), a multiple vitamin/mineral, probiotics, vegetable concentrates, tea extracts, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, and other known healthful dietary supplements.

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Dr. Edward Cremata, DC, QME
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