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All experts agree that obesity is increasing in the United States and that it is one the most preventable causing of disease and death. If you are obese, I commend you for taking interest in one of the most important single choices you can make to improve your health – safe, healthy, and fast weight loss. The AMA guidelines published the following in June of 2013. They recognize the importance of obesity as a contributing factor to sickness and death, through the development of diabetes and other chronic and degenerative diseases.

AMA Recognizes Obesity As A Disease.

Yesterday in Chicago, the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates voted for a resolution  (pdf) recognizing obesity as a disease, going against the AMA’s own Council on Science and Public Health’s recommendation. One major television network and several major newspapers covered the story. Much of the coverage points out the growing public health burden obesity places on society.

        NBC Nightly News (6/18, story 7, 1:00, Williams) reported, “Tonight for the first time, the American Medical Association says obesity should be recognized as a disease.”

        USA Today  (6/19, Hellmich) reports, “Patrice Harris, an AMA board member, said in a statement, ‘Recognizing obesity as a disease will help change the way the medical community tackles this complex issue that affects approximately one in three Americans.’”

        On the front of its Business Day section, the New York Times  (6/19, B1, Pollack, Subscription Publication) reports, “The vote of the AMA House of Delegates went against the conclusions of the association’s Council on Science and Public Health, which had studied the issue over the last year. The council said that obesity should not be considered a disease mainly because the measure usually used to define obesity, the body mass index, is simplistic and flawed.” Instead, “delegates rejected the conclusion of the council and voted...in favor of a resolution pushed by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the American College of Cardiology and some other organizations.”

        The Los Angeles Times  (6/19, Healy, Gorman) reports that yesterday’s “vote is certain to step up pressure on health insurance companies to reimburse physicians for the time-consuming task of discussing obesity’s health risks with patients whose body mass index exceeds 30. It should also encourage doctors to direct these patients to weight-loss programs and to monitor their often-fitful progress.” Also covering the story are the Oklahoman  (6/19), Reuters  (6/19, Carey), CQ  (6/19, Adams, Subscription Publication), the NBC News  (6/19, Fox) website, the Dallas Morning News  (6/19, Landers) “Biz Beat Blog,” Forbes  (6/18, Japsen) and MedPage Today  (6/19, Pittman).

Experts in the area of obesity estimate that between 18% and 27% of deaths in select populations are caused by obesity. Approximately 30% of Americans are obese, making obesity a very dangerous epidemic. You can be healthier, happier, and lower your risk for developing diabetes and many other serious diseases by reaching and maintaining an ideal weight. See below:

Study: Research May Have Underestimated US Deaths Caused By Obesity.

A number of media outlets are reporting on the results of a new study, published online in the American Journal of Public Health, which found that previous research had underestimated the number of deaths caused by obesity in the US each year.

        On its Thursday evening broadcast, NBC Nightly News reported that in the “eye-opening new report, researchers studied men and women between the ages of 40 to 85 over a 20-year period” and discovered “that obesity was likely responsible for about 18% of deaths during that time, one out of five Americans.”

        The Los Angeles Times  (8/16, Healy) included that the “new figures do not reflect newly discovered facts about obesity’s effects on health,” but were determined through an examination of obesity across the population “using historical survey data.” The research team was then able to find “differences in excess weight status across different gender, ethnic and age groups,” and combined the “data with existing ‘mortality risk’ statistics.”

        USA Today  (8/16, Hellmich) reports that the research team estimated that “between 1986 and 2006, 27% of deaths among black women; 22% of deaths among white women; 5% of deaths among black men; and 16% of deaths among white men could be attributed to being overweight or obese.”

        The Cleveland Plain Dealer  (8/16) adds that the study found the 18 percent of deaths caused by obesity in people aged 40-85 is “almost four times more than the prevailing wisdom of 5 percent.” According to the researchers, the study was the first to account for “differences in age, birth cohort, sex, and race in analyzing Americans’ risk for death from obesity.” Study lead author Ryan Masters, PhD, of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in New York City, said, “We believe we have a clearer picture of how obesity is impacting the [United States] population.”

        Also covering the story are HealthDay  (8/16, Thompson), Medscape  (8/16, Laidman) and the NBC News  (8/16, Fox) website.

        New Report Ranks Obesity Rates By State. The Des Moines (IA) Register  (8/16, Leys) reports the Trust for America’s Health report found “that 30.5 percent of Iowa adults were rated as obese last year, up from 29 percent in 2011.” The report rankings “went from 18th to 12th, but many states were bunched together,” with only Arkansas reporting “a statistically significant increase in obesity last year. All other states were steady.”

        The Tennessean  (8/16, Hall) also reports on the findings, noting that Tennessee has risen from 15th place to become the “10th most obese state in” the US in a tie with Michigan.

        CDC Telephone Survey Finds Continuing High Rates Of Obesity. The AP   (8/16, Stobbe) reports that the annual national telephone survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “found 13 states with very high rates of obesity last year,” and the overall number “of US adults deemed obese has been about the same for years now.” The survey found that “at least 30 percent of adults were obese in 13 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.”

Weight loss is rarely easy, but it is always possible with proper guidance, coaching, and specific and individualized instructions. It is easier form some than others, but cardiologists, family practice physicians, and chiropractors have employed the weight loss program used at Fremont Chiropractic Group for 20 years with success in weight loss, and educational and habit-forming strategies to not only reach your desired, healthier weight, but also teach you how to maintain that weight for life!

Fremont Chiropractic Group, directed by Edward Cremata, DC, has become a certified Ideal Protein Weight Loss Provider. Ideal Protein is an excellent plan to lose weight and learn to eat properly for long-term weight maintenance. We are pleased to provide an excellent, safe, doctor-supervised program to help you reduce your risks for diabetes, multiple other diseases, and yes, as you read above, early death, with effective weight loss strategies specifically designed to work for you. For more information about the Ideal Protein methods used in our office, click here www.fremontidealweightloss.com

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