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Court Decisions that may Affect Your Case

Workers’ Compensation

Sierra Pacific v Chattham – 3 rd DCA Opinion, 6.30.06 
ACOEM applies to all dates of treatment. (Go To Decision)

Escobedo, 4.19.05 
This case discusses the application of apportionment pursuant to the workers’ compensation reforms of 2004 and 2005. (Go To Decision)

Sandhagen v SCIF 7.03.08 (Go To Decision)
We conclude the Legislature intended to require employers to conduct utilization review when considering requests for medical treatment, and not to permit employers to use section 4062 to dispute employees' treatment requests.

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For Attorneys

Dr. Cremata offers report writing including Permanent and Stationary Reports for their chiropractic clients, second opionion consultations, and expert witness testimony.

Dr. Cremata has appeared in the following public relations:

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Wrist Pain

A slightly inflamed nerve in the wrist can go unnoticed for years until it is aggravated by repeated action of the wrist. To the person suffering, it is logical that the repetitive action is causing the pain. Behind the pain though, may be misaligned spinal bones, which caused the nerve to be slightly inflamed in the first place.

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Research Articles

General Spine Care Related Articles 
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1) Low Back Pain Of Mechanical Origin: Randomized Comparison Of Chiropractic And Hospital Outpatient Treatment, 1990, BMJ (Full Article)

Conclusions: “For patients with low back pain in whom manipulation is not contraindicated chiropractic almost certainly confers worthwhile, long term benefit in comparison with hospital outpatient management. The benefit is seen mainly in those with chronic or severe pain. Introducing chiropractic into NHS practice should be considered.”

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American Association of Manipulation Under Anesthesia Providers



(Revised March, 2012)


The American Academy of Manipulation Under Anesthesia Physicians provides these guidelines for practitioners, facilities, and other interested parties, and notes that decisions to adopt particular courses of action must be made by trained practitioners on the basis of the available resources and the particular circumstances of the individual patient.

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