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There are a number of contributing factors to excessive tiredness. Not receiving the proper rest needed is the most easily understood reason for tiredness. Another reason is the stress involved with thoughts of fear, worry, anger, or jealousy. Thinking these stressful thoughts robs us of our needed energy. There are other factors that can contribute to fatigue and, in the majority of cases, there is usually more than one factor involved.

Often when a person suffering from chronic fatigue seeks medical help, there is no physiological disease that can be pinpointed. Chiropractic believes that one of the major contributing factors to chronic fatigue is the nervous system. Without proper nerve energy, we cannot stay alert, vigorous and healthy. When something interferes with the flow of nerve energy, we can easily feel tired and rundown. While an organ that is receiving limited nerve energy may still be functioning, it is not functioning at its maximum.

The spinal cord, which is made up of all the nerves leading to the organs and tissues of the body, is protected by the spinal column. If one of the bones that make up the spinal column slips out of proper alignment, a nerve can be pinched or squeezed and the function of an organ or gland will be decreased.

Chiropractors can locate such misalignments and, through gentle manipulation, restore the spinal column back to its normal alignment.

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