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Hip Pain

Just like a house needs a sturdy foundation, so does your body. The foundation of your body is the hip area, the pelvis, sacrum and ilia (hip bones). This area holds up the structure of your body, and your spine. And just like an unseen problem in the foundation of your house can cause other problems in the house, problems in the hip area can cause other problems on your body. Your spine, which keeps the head erect, must make up for any imbalance in the foundation. Imbalances here can cause stresses on the body at the hip level and farther up the spine. When the spine compensates, the whole structure is compromised, causing dysfunction and pain.

Chiropractic can help keep the body structurally balanced and sturdy. By setting and keeping the foundation of the spine straight, the body can stand straight and sound.

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Dr. Edward Cremata, DC, QME
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