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Leg Pain

JogingLegs2The cause of most leg pain is improper weight balance from the upper part of the body. If you lean forward, backwards or to one side in the standing position, it will cause the involuntary muscles in the legs to contract and tighten to maintain balance. Prolonged contraction of these muscles will cause leg pain. Another example of this uneven weight distribution is seen in the advanced stages of pregnancy. The increased weight in the abdomen causes lower back muscles to contract resulting in back pain and leg pain. These same symptoms can also be caused by abdominal obesity. Abnormal spinal curvature in children during their growing years can cause an uneven distribution of weight on the lower extremities, causing pain.

Because most of the weight of the upper body is supported and suspended from the spinal column. It is important to have spinal adjustments to restore normal balance with equal weight distribution to the legs.

Besides the pain, structural imbalances can cause the lower spinal bones to become misaligned. This misalignment can cause the sciatic nerve, which runs down the legs, to become irritated and inflamed. This inflammation is called sciatica and is very painful.

Chiropractic adjustment can help with sciatica by readjusting the spinal bones and relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve. This allows the inflammation to go down and restore proper energy flow through the nerve.

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